National Art Gallery

13_NationalArtGallaryThe National Gallery Singapore will be opened in November 2015. The City Hall and the former Supreme Court have been refurbished and will be reborn as a brand new visual arts museum in Singapore. The Gallery exemplifies Singapore’s thrive to become a global city for the arts. Covering 64,000 square metres, the Gallery will be the largest venue for visual arts, not only in Singapore but also in the Southeast Asia region.

The Gallery is designed by Studio Milo Singapore in partnership with CPG Consultants Pte Ltd. The design brings together contemporary architecture to create a young, rejuvenated look to the old, while upholding the history, tradition and original architecture of City Hall and former Supreme Court buildings.

The focus of the S$530 million Gallery is Singapore and Southeast Asian art from the 19th century to present days. The Gallery will present the development of Singapore and regional cultures through a comprehensive collection about social, economic and political histories. This will be the only art gallery in the world to have a strong focus on reflecting special qualities of Southeast Asian and Singapore art.