National University of Singapore

15_NUSOver a century ago, NUS started as a small medical school led by Tan Jiak Kim. Today, the University spans three campuses, admitting 38,000 students from more than 100 countries. It has become a global thought leader, providing an Asian perspective, transforming the future. With 16 schools and faculties, NUS offers a breadth of disciplines and global programs. Being the top two universities in Asia and top 25 globally, NUS is the thought leader in various aspects.

The university also collaborates with government, industry and NGOs and leading academic partners to bring about high-level researches that can improve people’s life. The eight major research clusters include Asian studies, Biomedical Sciences and Translational Medicine, Finance and Risk Management, Integrative Sustainability Solutions, Maritime, Materials Science, and Security.  Each cluster pursues global research excellence with an Asian-focused view.