There is various terminology for Busbar Trunking System, ie Busway or Busbar, Bus duct, under international & local standards, the terminology used is Busbar Trunking System.


A prefabricated electrical distribution system consisting of bus bars in a protective enclosure, including straight lengths, fittings, devices and accessories

– NEMA Standards Publication


“A type-tested assembly, in the form of an enclosed conductor system comprising “SOLID” conductors separated by “INSULATING” material. The assembly may consist of units such as:

i)Busbar trunking units, with or without tap-off facilities

ii)Tap-off units where applicable,

iii)Phase-transposition, expansion, building-movement, flexible, end-feeder and adaptor units”


Busbar Trunking System - Make the most of your energy

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Advantages of Busbar Trunking System

Here below are advantages of Busbar Trunking System and why it’s more and more become popular.

Spacing - saving / Footage

Busbar utilizes less space than cables frameworks. This is a significant favourable position when managing a great many amps. Link requires huge curve radii that occupy a great deal of room. The conservative idea of the busbar likewise guarantees that the firmly compacted conductors inside the busbar are segregated and solid. Tangles of links are unattractive and because of the busbar’s conservative and smooth plan it is more productive and furthermore simple on the eye!

Busbar vs Cables

Cables vs Busbar Trunking System

  • The minimal size implies it occupies almost no room in the structure:
  1. Utilized as a rising primary, it takes up just at least space,
  2. Utilized for even circulation, it fits effectively into the structure (bogus floors, bogus roofs, administration shafts, and so on),
  • Alters in course have been intended to upgrade the space taken up, in opposition to a comparable establishment utilizing links which requires enormous bowing radii.
  • Tap-off units, finished with defensive gadgets, are fitted along the whole length of the busbar shipping hence decreasing the floor region taken up by the electrical conveyance switchboards.
  • More modest establishment surface gratitude to decreased size of focal switchboard.
Decentralised Power Distribution

Centralised Power Distribution – Busbar Trunking System

Centralised Power Distribution

Decentralised Power Distribution – Cables

Flexibility, simple and economical system

Busbar can fit in any structure and has a particular plan. Busbars can be migrated without expecting to go through a lot of cash, and they can be adjusted to find a way into any extra space. Busbar can be added to, reconfigured or supplanted when needed with insignificant interference for both the customer and the administration they give.

Minimum connection & workmanship at site

Just 2 specialists important for busway establishment, for a period identical to that for introducing cableways. The time typically required for laying links is accordingly spared.

Savings start with Quicker and Safer Installation

A busbar framework is intended to fit the space needed preceding its establishment on location. Busbars can be introduced rapidly, effectively and easily bringing about decreased nearby expenses. BTS is substantially easier to introduce and take significantly more labour and additional time nearby. Busbar frameworks are collected rapidly and productively, and installers can introduce up to 10 meters of busbar at a time. No extraordinary instruments are needed for busbar establishments. The joints, lengths and frill are essentially darted or screwed together. Introducing busbar trunking lengths should be possible as and when building work advances, hence streamlining nearby work and permitting conceivable unforeseen functions to be foreseen ahead of time.

Prefabricated solution, type tested & system assured in factory

It is additionally essential to take note of that busbar trunking is an industrial facility tried arrangement, which means the time required for reviewing associations is diminished (visual investigation of fixing force).

Ease of installation joint design

Connection to the MV/LV substation is made utilizing a snappy fitting joint square. The module units can be set up in the workshop subsequently lessening nearby time. Their association with the busbar trunking is done in a solitary connecting activity.

Tai Sin Busbar Trunking System is completely flexible whether vertical or horizontal installation with tight space, Tai Sin’s BTS will be able to install easily, thanks to its compact design. The modular system can be easily adapted to the most challenging requirement.

Be it expansion or modification of the plant, Tai Sin BTS can be flexibly adapted during operation. With the tap off unit and switching devices, a tap-off points can be easily added to create a new power network.


This flexibility enables the power distribution system to be modified quickly and easily at any time, making it suitable for countless applications in any buildings.”

Performance: Better Resistance

Busbars have inflexible plan components and consequently has better obstruction, particularly in the event of short-circuits. Busbars have a base separation between the conductors which thus decreases the enlistment of obstruction. Busbars additionally have a slim and punctured tire which helps in ideal dispersion of thickness of current and thusly lessens opposition. Because of lower levels of thickness, voltage misfortune is a lot of lower than other influence circulation items for a similar length.

Lower Lifetime Cost

Usually individuals think busbar is a significant expense. Actually, the simple establishment of busbar and its configurable framework guarantee that it is seriously evaluated due diminished gathering time and material taking care of expenses.

Indeed, over the lifetime of a busbar it costs considerably less than links as the framework is substantially more proficient and for all intents and purposes support free. Busbar trunking frameworks bring energy monetarily into any structure. The force appropriation framework can be accurately arranged from the complete burden rating and the sort and number of burdens. This guarantees that precise expenses are given at a beginning phase in the venture

Future proofing

Busbar is a truly adaptable framework, which can be adjusted for future overhauls and future changes of utilization. Tap off boxes can be changed securely and proficiently and moved easily later on whenever required. This permits the busbar to be effectively adjusted to fit the prerequisites that might be required for the customer in future without adding additional links, which can be expensive and can occupy a great deal of time. As no customer recognizes what’s on the horizon, a busbar framework permits the customer to be readied and sure that the force appropriation framework will give power securely and successfully to years to come.

Reusable in the event of major changes when making major modifications to your installation, the existing trunking can be easily dismantled and reused


Upgradeable during operation: In decentralized dissemination, developing working prerequisites and expenses are incorporated right from the beginning.

  • The expansion, migration or substitution of burden gear can be done rapidly, without de-invigorating the flexibly trunking or closing down activity,
  • The expense of rolling out such improvements is incredibly decreased:
  • Loads are found near flexibly focuses,
  • Module focuses are consistently accessible,
  • Module units can be reused, or new ones added rapidly for load migration or substitution needs


Busway reduces the risk of exposure to electromagnetic fields

  • According to the WHO, introduction to electromagnetic fields can be a wellbeing peril beginning at levels as low as 0.2 miniature Teslas (2mG) and could speak to a drawn-out danger of disease. A few nations have made guidelines.
  • Cable will in general have higher attractive field and are not needed to *EMC consistence. For (1200A appraised) model according to figuring the attractive field level could reach up to 255mG what direction surpass IEC61000-4-8 Class B necessity “37.5mG” which could prompt impedance to activity and execution of broadcast communications application because of led electrical commotion and even unsafe to human wellbeing for consistent presentation (ICNIRP).
Guidline for EMF - Busbar Trunking System

No toxic emission in case of fire: Busway contains no PVCs When PVCs consume, they produce a lot of smoke that can be a genuine wellbeing danger.

  • Reduced perceivability:
  • Danger of frenzy,
  • Convolutes salvage work,
  • Smoke poisonousness:
  • Hydrogen chloride gas (profoundly poisonous),
  • Carbon monoxide (risk of suffocation).

Additional Facts for Information:

Busbar trunking temperature rise and short-circuit withstand are known and independent of the installation. With type tested data, coordination of the electrical system brings complete control of the electrical network.

Installation standards IEC 60 364 chapter 5.523.6 stipulate that above 4 parallel cables, it is preferable to use busbar trunking. Paralleling many cables leads to uneven distribution of currents and the risk of abnormal temperature rise.

Improve your power distribution performance

Infographic: Advantages of Busbar Trunking System

Advantages of busbar Trunking System Infographic