Tai Sin Electric

Power distribution today has to be much more than just reliable!

Speed-to-market, exibility, scalability, reliability, and predictability have become business-critical success factors for hyperscalers, cloud and platform providers looking to expand into new or existing markets. These organizations, along with enterprises deploying high-density compute, very often require large-scale infrastructure deployments delivered against rigorous and exacting timelines.

Building for an unprecedented demand curve, with a focus on cost, sustainability and the requirement to scale as needed without stranding capital, these highly sophisticated customers are looking for a data center partner who not only shares their corporate ethos, but can deliver against an accelerated timeline.

Value Proposition
  • Energy Efficiency/ Low Voltage Drop
  • Operating Continuity
  • Flexibility To Expand
  • Low Maintenance Frequency
  • Low E.M.F Emission
  • Halogen Free