Introduction to Flexible Cables

Flexible cables are typically highly flexible, can be bent multiple times, depending on the design without breaking and losing current or data transmission properties.
Designed to cope with narrow spaces with tight bending radii and small working installation space.
Designed to cope with physical stress associated with moving applications.
Examples of such applications include portable power equipment, cable tray routing, data centres and Mass
Rapid Transit (MRT).

What Tai Sin can offer

Tai Sin has come up with its own range of flame retardant flexible cables, specially designed to cater to a wide range of applications requiring the use of flexible cables.

Tai Sin’s Flame Retardant, LSZH Flexible Cable is available in multiple core sizes:

Unique Traits of Tai Sin Flexible Cables

Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)

Produce non-toxic gas in the event of fire
Data installers and commercial buildings alike have a legal obligation to ensure that cables are suitable for fire performance for the application and location. LSZH flame retardant flexible cables are able to provide an added safety feature for use in confined spaces. Our cables also dramatically reduce smoke and hazardous, acidic irritant gases emissions to protect your servers and switches which contain precious data and are highly expensive equipment. Our cables are designed to protect them further from fire-induced corrosion which are caused by the toxic acidic gases.

Highly Bendable

Flexible insulation materials used
Our cables, which are in compliance with international standards, is a perfect solution for confined areas which require a smaller bending radius during installation. This is another extraordinary feature compared to a conventional rigid cable which is limited by its lack of flexibility to be installed in narrow spaces. With the level of flexibility, our cables are also able to withstand stress and repeated bending without breaking easily.

Highly Retardant to Flame

Reduces flame propagation in the event of fire
In the event of fire hazard, Tai Sin’s range of flexible cables are capable of reducing flammability and preventing fire propagation.The cables can better protect themselves through slow burning and self-extinguishing properties when exposed to an open flame. The cables can withstand heat exposure as the conductor operating temperature is up to 90°C.

Customisation Services

Specially catered to meet your requirements
Tai Sin recognise the need when a customised cable design can deliver efficiencies to a project. Hence we are at your services to design, approve, produce prototypes and manufacture the cables that work for you. Fire Resistant Cables (Optional) Many standards and codes of practice for safety-critical systems set requirements for fire performance cables, including to maintain circuit integrity under fire conditions IEC 60331/ SS299 (BS6387) to comply with the fire-resistant characteristics of the cables.

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