Busbar Trunking System Application for Data Center

Power distribution today has to be much more than just reliable!

With our ever-increasing dependence on data, connectivity, and computing power, Data Centers are inevitable for our connected world. Experts estimated that a huge amount of data, approximately 5 quintillion bytes is being generated daily. Thus, the optimal existence and efficient operation of Data Centers in tackling such humongous amounts of data have great significance.

Data Centers are enormous energy consumers and were accountable for around 1.1% to 1.5% of overall world’s energy consumption in 2010. Some oft-cited extrapolations have suggested that global Data Center’s energy consumption has doubled since 2010, and by extending this historical trend, it will continue rising swiftly in the future. Today, their contribution to the world’s total energy consumption is more than 3% (around 420 terawatts) and it can be forecasted that Data Centers would be using 20% of all available electricity in the world by 2025. They are the virtual brains and power backbones of the digital global economy, while they process, store, and communicate data on a daily basis behind the myriad information services.

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Value Proposition
  • Energy Efficiency/ Low Voltage Drop
  • Operating Continuity
  • Flexibility To Expand
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  • Low Maintenance Frequency
  • Low E.M.F Emission
  • Halogen Free

Data Center

Data centers are the virtual brains and power backbones of the digital global economy.

energy efficiency will be decisive for bringing data to life in future. As Data Center infrastructures with Big Data, Cloud Computing, and the Internet of Things, have already conquered the businesses and their economic expansion.

Irrespective of their physical size, the development and maintenance cost of Data Centers is exorbitant. It must fulfill some essential requirements, which are most of the times associated with data and power cabling. Large data centers possess high power densities, which can be elevated up to 100 times of a typical building. The performance metrics for Data Centers include efficiency, service continuity, security, flexibility and adaptability to technological advancements.

The subject of ‘Fire Protection’ has its own criticality as halogen-generated corrosive gases could be irremediably destructive to electronic equipment. Improvements in ‘Energy Efficiency’ are highly commendable as Data Centers impose a great economic burden to their operators as well as an acute environmental impact to global carbon footprints.

Business-critical terminologies like speed-to-market, flexibility, scalability, reliability, and predictability are highly desirable success factors for hyperscalers, cloud and platform providers, who are willing to expand into new or existing markets. These organizations, along with enterprises deploying high-density computers, repeatedly look for large-scale infrastructure deployments delivered against rigorous and exacting timelines.

Highly sophisticated customers who are coping with an unprecedented demand curve, while maintaining their focus on cost-effectiveness, sustainability and scalability without straining capital, they are often longing for a partnership which is efficient in providing efficient solutions and supports against an accelerated timeline while sharing their corporate ethos wholeheartedly.

Being a Data Center owner, operator, installer, consultant or architect, optimization of data and energy infrastructure would be your highest priority to bolster your operational efficiency, security reinforcement and future advancements.

Tai Sin Electric Limited
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With Tai Sin Busbar Trunking System, you can always find the optimal solution to meet the challenges ahead.

What do you expect from a Power Distribution Supplier?

  • Innovation capability of being customized and provision of integrated energy solutions
  • Solutions that promote quick deployment with minimum manpower
  • Facilitate pre-engineering and designing for optimal power and network architecture
  • Product solutions that promulgate cooling, fire suppression and protection
  • Product solutions that bolster energy-efficiency in power-dense installations
  • Provide products with rigorous quality assurance, accompanied by globally recognized third-party independent surveillance certifications
Make every watt counts

The First Locally Tested Busbar Trunking System in Singapore

Tai Sin Low Voltage Busbar Trunking System (BTS) is a reliable and efficient electrical distribution system with sandwich construction and superior performance. It is a safe and robust power distribution system with high electrical efficiency, low voltage drop, high mechanical strength.

Our system offers a full line of busbar to meet the most requirements: suitable for 3P3W, 3P4W, 3P5W, supply and distribution, with rated current from 250A to 5000A (for aluminum conductor) & 250A to 6300A (for copper conductor), rated operation voltage up to 690V (rated insulation voltage up to 1000V), IP degree up to IP66 and the frequency 50~60Hz.

High quality Product - 100% Tested Locally

Manufacturer of Power Distribution System since 1980s

  • The only brand that conducts factory routine test in Singapore
  • Provide local technical and replacement/repair support with the shortest lead time
  • Type tested and certified to IEC 61439-6 standard
  • Quality assured with 3rd party (KEMA) surveillance
Strong after-sales services

Support you with individualized consultation and tailor our solution to suit your needs and in compliance with the relevant standards

  • Be personally accountable for our desired results. We will take responsibility for every aspect of our products and services.
  • Be proactive. We stay ahead of the curve with customers, anticipating problems and acting in advance to solve them.

Infrastructure Cost

  • Compact design reduces installation cost, reduce frequency, time and cost for maintenance

  • Able to transmit large volumes of electricity across long distances even in very small spaces

  • Saving space

  • Long-lasting: Simplified design and reduced development time of the project

Design to eliminate human errors

  • Unique error-proof design that prevents installation error
  • Customized color code for easy installation to operation and maintenance
  • Thermal monitoring features to allow early warning indication during abnormal temporal spike

Zero Interference & Halogen Free

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Transmit reliable power with low E.M.F emission
  • Our products are halogen-free with no toxicity emission in case of fire.
  • Our products are certified with IEC standard accredited by third-party laboratories.

Modular, flexible & adaptable to future changes

Plug outlet and busbar plug: Able to equip the tap-off unit with various switching devices and plug them into any tap-off points make it possible to modify the power distribution system quickly and easily at any time

Optimal energy efficiency

Efficient heat dissipation design that makes every watt counts

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Comprehensive Power Distribution Solution for Data Center

Frequently Asked Questions About BTS

What is the maintenance frequency of BTS?

BTS is design to be maintenance, as a recommendation, the maintenance frequecy will be once a year or after any fault occurence

What is the solution for Outdoor BTS installation?

IP68 Cast BTS is recommended for Outdoor Application

Can BTS be installed underground?

No, due to maintenance requirement

What is typical leadtime of BTS?

10-12 weeks upon approval & confirmation of shop drawings, Factory Routine Test Conducted in Singapore

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