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At Tai Sin, we strive to deliver solutions, products and services that are consistent to Tai Sin’s established brand of quality, integrity and reliability.

Tai Sin’s Cable business builds its success on the aggressive development and marketing of a comprehensive range of high quality cables through a distribution network serving a diverse range of industries, while maintaining strong partnerships with reputed consultants and main contractors.


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Working together, we provide competitive electrical cabling and wiring solutions for both the private and public sectors in all categories of industrial, commercial, residential, offshore and marine projects.

To cater for the robust growth in the regional market, Tai Sin operates cable manufacturing plants in Singapore, Malaysia & Vietnam.

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electrical conductivity cropper cables

Electrical Conductivity | Copper vs Aluminum Cable

Electrical conductivity is a measure of the amount of electrical current that can be carried by material or its ability ... Read More
tai sin busbar trunking system

Copper vs Aluminum Busbar

Over the last 50 years, the busbar’s evolution has allowed its usage to exceed that of hard-wired power distribution. Over ... Read More
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Data Center – All you need to know

A data center is a facility that centralizes shared IT operations and resources for the storage, processing, and distribution of ... Read More
Busbar trunking system data center

Advantages of Busbar Trunking System

There is various terminology for Busbar Trunking System, ie Busway or Busbar, Bus duct, under international & local standards, the ... Read More

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These webinar series allow end-user or consultants to manage project design cost-efficiently
with consideration of the integrity & energy efficiency of the electrical network.
It also illustrates key points to note on the maintenance and operation of the Busbar Trunking System (BTS).

Topic 1

Effective Technical Specification for Busbar Trunking System

Topic 2

Improve Energy Efficiency and Optimize ROI with Busbar Trunking System

Topic 3

Consideration Factors on Low Voltage Distribution System & Busbar Trunking System

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