Gardens by the Bay

The most iconic garden in Singapore is powered by our cables

Spanning 101 hectares, Gardens by the Bay offers a breath-taking view and is a leisure destination for many Singaporeans. It is made up by two main areas: Bay South Garden, designed by Grant Associates and Bay East Garden, designed by Gustafson Porter. Gardens by the Bay has been open to public since 2011. Underlying The Gardens are principles of environmental sustainability, carefully planned and meticulously executed. The Conservatories include two glass biomes that replicate both cool-try and cool-moist climates. Hence, the Conservatories can house a diverse collection of plants not commonly seen in Singapore.

Being 9- to 16-storeys tall, the supertrees are not only a sight of attraction in Gardens by the Bay, but also serve environmental purposes. 11 of these trees have environmentally sustainable functions. Some are embedded with photovoltaic cells to capture solar energy for lighting up the supertrees. Some are put in the conservatories to be receptacles for air exhaust. While providing endless hours of relaxation for visitors, Gardens by the Bays is a constant message of environmentally sustainable efforts.

Gardens by the Bay

Scope of Work

Tai Sin supplied approximately 1091 km of cables for Gardens by the Bay.