New Tagline Announcement: Tai Sin’s Shift in Focus

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“At Tai Sin, we continue to push boundaries by transforming our business through digitalisation and adopting Industry 4.0.”

Willy Chua
Head of Corporate Development, Tai Sin Electric Limited

With much anticipation, Tai Sin is proud to officially introduce our new tagline – WE’RE MORE THAN CABLES.

The introduction of this new tagline is part of the ongoing evolution and growth of the Tai Sin brand from cable manufacturer to a total power distribution solution provider

Throughout the years, Tai Sin has continuously been working hard to develop quality power distribution solutions to cater to the ever-changing needs and standards of various industries. From our earliest range of low voltage cables, we have come a long way to expand our manufacturing capabilities, producing an extensive range of low and medium voltage cables & wires. We have also recently added 2 new types of cables to our cable product family – flexible cables and solar photovoltaic cables.

With power distribution demands evolving with the Industrial 4.0 revolution, we took the opportunity to expand our portfolio to more than just cables & wires. Tai Sin’s product portfolio now includes modular busbar trunking systems and branch cable systems (..and more to come) to offer our clients a more complete power distribution solution.

With our focus now extending out of the cables manufacturing arena, this new tagline marks the start of Tai Sin’s new identity in the local power distribution scene.

‘We’re More Than Cables’ means so much more – it reflects our strong commitment to providing high-quality total power distribution and transmission solutions by understanding our clients’ needs, as well as the values of who we are today and yet, still retain the core element from the beginning as a nod to our rich history and deep roots.

At Tai Sin, we continuously strive to bring more value not just for our customers, but also for our employees, the society and the environment.

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey to become a total power distribution solution provider.
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